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leg length discrepancy

Fix Problems with Your Gait Due To Leg
Length Discrepancy

A leg length discrepancy can be caused by several factors. Some people are simply born with one leg longer than the other. Other times, it can be cause by a leg fracture or another injury in either the leg itself or the hips. Diseases of the bone such as osteomyelitis can also cause one leg to be shorter than the other.

This is not always an obvious condition to diagnose. Some symptoms include a shoulder tilting to one side, gait problems, or pain in the back of the hip, knee, or ankle. If you believe you have gait problems in St. Catharines our pedorthists can help.

Simple treatments such as orthotics for differences from two to six centimeters are available and are relatively easy to implement. There are other treatments available as well. To learn more about how we can help you please contact us.

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