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Shin Splints Treatment with Arch Supports in St. Catharines


Shin Splints Treatment with Arch Supports

Pedco Foot Care Clinic Inc. can help with treatments for shin splits with their line of custom orthotics for runners and others with an active lifestyle. Many runners develop shin splints over time, which are a painful condition along the inner part of the lower two thirds of the tibia. Since the tibia endures most of the shock of running getting proper support on the arches of the feet to lessen that shock. They can offset biomechanical irregularities to lessen the chances of shin splints.

With proper arch support shin splints can heal in time on their own, which can also help with hip and low back pain. Since many hip and low back pain issues can start with foot and ankle problems the soon you treat such issues, the better.

For more information on how we can help you alleviate hip and low back pain or pain from shin splints please contact us. We have locations in St. Catharines and Fort Erie.

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