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Footwear & Sandals – Get the Right Fit at Pedco Foot Care Clinic Inc.


Proper footwear fits! A perfectly fitted shoe isn’t just about comfort; it’s about giving your feet the support they need to stay healthy. You owe it to yourself to have footwear that fits the width, length, and shape of your feet. Your feet may even be different sizes.

What type? What brand? Pedco Foot Care Clinic Inc. can help you find the correct footwear for your personal needs.

Orthopedic Sandals and Slip On's

Orthopedic sandals and Slip On's are specialized footwear designed to support and alleviate foot-related issues. They feature arch support, shock absorption, contoured footbeds, adjustable straps, wide toe boxes, breathable materials, and stability/traction. These features promote proper alignment, reduce pressure points, accommodate foot conditions, and enhance overall comfort and foot health.

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Your feet will love you wearing these sandals and Slip On's.

We carry a wide range of sizes: Men’s 7-15 and Women’s 5-11.

Stop by Pedco Foot Care Clinic Inc. at our St. Catharines location and try on a pair. Please call us and let us know you’re going to stop by.

Come See Us

Visit one of our two locations.

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